Acme TP533634S Distribution Transformer AT3012

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240V Delta Primary 208Y/120 V Secondary, 45 kVA, 60Hz, 3 Phase, Aluminum
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Transformer Type Isolation
Input Voltage 2.52E+14
Output Voltage 208Y/120
Phase Three
Frequency (Hz) 60
kVA 45
K Rating 1
Primary Configuration Delta
Secondary Configuration Wye
Winding Material Aluminum
Temperature Rise (°C) 150
Insulation System (°C) 220
Enclosure Rating NEMA 1
Enclosure Material Steel
Construction Style Enclosed, Ventilated Core & Coil
Mounting Type Floor
Connection Type Lugs / Bolt-down terminals
Cooling Air/Dry
Sound Level (dB) Below NEMA standards
Agency Approvals NEMA, ANSI and OSHA standards
Length (in) 19.37
Width (in) 24.39
Height (in) 25.5
Weight (lb) 350
Warranty 10 Years
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All lead wire terminations are copper for a much better conductivity. It is also lighter, and more flexible for easier wiring. This model has a front access wiring compartment with various knockouts for wall mounting. It's a quality product that is easy to set-up and easy to work with.


  • Meets all listing criteria including NEMA, ANSI, and OSHA standards
  • Weathershield Optional allows for indoor/outdoor service
  • UL Class 180°C insulation system, 115°C rise
  • Extra large front access wiring compartment through 9 kVA; top access through 75 kVA for easier installation and cooler case temperatures
  • Electrical grade silica and resin compounds completely enclose the core and coil to seal out moisture and air
  • Sound levels fall well below NEMA standards with a quiet operation
  • High efficiency and excellent regulation
  • Electrostatic shielding provided on all 60 Hz isolation transformers
  • Termination - copper lead wire
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What Is a Transformer And How Does It Work?

What is a Transformer and How Does It Work?

Transformers change voltage through electromagnetic induction between the primary and secondary winding coils. This video illustrates the basics of how transformers work.

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