HP0010 12V DC Hydraulic Power Unit/Dump Trailer Pump 6 Qt Power up/Gravity Down (Single Acting)


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Don't waste your time and money tracking down impossible to find fittings!

Our pump is ported with 3/8” NPT female threads that provide a wide access to industry standard fittings and hoses.

3/8” NPT hydraulic fittings can be found at most local farm supply and hydraulic part supply stores.

Read the reviews on other pumps. Sourcing the so-called "SAE-6" adapters can be a massive headache , and often the pump threads still don't match!

Avoid getting stuck with a pump that's hungry for expensive, uncommon fluids.

TEMCo pumps are designed for near universal oil compatibility Our internal components are compatible with nearly every conventional or synthetic hydraulic or tractor fluid. Even automotive transmission fluid (DEXRON III) will work.

NAPA, Walmart,or Tractor Supply All Purpose Hydaulic Fluids, Chevron Rando HDZ, Mobil DTE 10, DTE 20 series, AMSOIL, Shell Tellus or equivalent hydraulic oils all work great.

Note that you do not want to mix hydraulic fluids types. When changing fluid type, the system should be flushed. Do Not Use water based Hydraulic Fluids. These fluids are not compatible with your pump.

12V DC Hydraulic Power Unit/Dump Trailer Pump 6 and 8 Qt Power up/Gravity Down (Single Acting)

Single acting Power UP – Gravity DOWN 6and 8-quart hydraulic power unit that can be used on multiple applications including dump trailers.

The hydraulic pump is designed to be mounted horizontally or vertically – sight glass and dip stick can be switched on the round steel tank depending on the mounting direction of the pump to facilitate proper use. Dual location oil drain plugs are in easy to access positions regardless of pump orientation.

12-volt DC, 2 kW, 200-amp pump with sealed solenoid connections, to eliminate potential corrosion, produces an adjustable pressure up to 3200 PSI. 20-foot-long detachable pendant control has a magnetic base to easily attach to any metal location. Wires are protected with an all-weather jacket.


Changing Output Pressure:

Step 1

Locate the pressure relief valve as shown. Loosen the jam nut on the end of the valve.

Step 2

Fit a hex key into the pressure adjustment screw at the end of the valve.

Step 3

Run the pump and twist the screw to adjust the pressure. Turn the screw counter clockwise to lower the pressure, clockwise to raise the pressure. When you have reached the desired pressure, stop the pump and tighten the jam nut on the pressure valve.

Wired Remote Control Pendant

Magnetic base easily attaches to steel surfaces.

20 foot nylon jacketed cord

Detachable for ease of installation or for pendant storage.

Leading competitors flattened hex profile attempts to compensate for poor die to terminal fit. This under crimps and often leaves sharp “wings.”

Cable Sizing

Connect the positive side of the battery to the electrical solenoid marked with a +, and connect the Negative cable from the battery to the terminal on the motor marked with a -.

Ring terminals should be appropriately sized for your wire gauge, and have a 5/16” hole for the stud.

Sealed Solenoid Connections

Bad connections are frustrating and time consuming

The wires on our solenoids are molded right into the casing, leaving no gaps for moisture to get in.

Flag terminals or plug style connectors used on other pumps offer no protections against vibration and weather. Water intrusion quickly destroys the terminals, causing poor connections and failure.

Power Connections

Easy two wire installation

Clearly labeled 5/16" battery terminals

Check out our selection of welding cable and ring terminals to complete your setup.

Coupler Thread:
3/8'' NPT Female
Single (Power UP – Gravity DOWN)
6 Quarts