Electric Motor Repair, Modification & Customization

Electric Motor Repair, Modification & Customization

Need something different than a standard catalog motor? We provide in-house electric motor modification and customization. Finding the exact match to your need can be tough. Our services make it easy.

Common requests include flange & bearing conversions and adapters, base modification, adding accessory items, etc. Scroll down the page for more detailed specifics.

Better than rewinding. It is often more cost effective to purchase and modify a new motor to fit your application than it is to rewind the original motor. Often, greater efficiency and enhanced performance are also gained by replacement.

Mechanical electric motor repair services available for: shaft, bearing journal, chassis and foot, cooling shroud, cooling fan.

Send us your prints for review. Even if you don't have any, we can match a motor to your machine instead.

Electric Motor Customization

Why We're Different - TEMCo's Electric Motor Experience

Electric Motor Repair Engineering

Fabricated heavy plate adapters allow for one off fast turn projects

Electric Motor Repair Engineering

Large adapters for compressors, pumps, engines, generators, and more

Electric Motor Repair Engineering

Precision machining for high tolerance requirements

Electric Motor Repair Engineering

High voltage switchgear and motor control services

Founded in 1968

TEMCo has stood for over 4 decades as a Manufacturer and distributor of large rotary power equipment.

We are able to leverage machining, fabrication, and engineering resources that electric motor resellers and repair companies don't have to provide a solution to your special electric motor need.

TEMCo has attracted many world class customers.

Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and government agencies such as NASA and many branches of military have employed TEMCo's products or services. Recent arrivals include Space X, Apple and TESLA Automotive.

Technical Overview of Motor Modifications


Shaft Modification

• Diameter re-sizing: Reduction or increase of diameter.
• Splining, Re-keying, Add Flat.
• Threading: Internal & External.
• Special features

• Ball to roller or ceramic bearing conversion
• Adding encoders, tachometers
• Precision spec dynamic balancing
• Add Shaft Grounding Brushes
• Convert to C- Face, D-Flange & Custom Flange sizes
• Convert Motor with Foot to round body motor (steel band shells only)
• Chassis fabrication & modification
• Change Motor Paint Color, Special Environmental Coatings


• Add winding or space heaters
• Adding PTs, Thermocouple, Bearing thermal & vibration sensors
• Install Terminal Block, Strip or panel in Junction Box
• Add Cord & Plug

Electrical Motor Repair

• Shaft
• Bearing journal
• Chassis and foot
• Cooling shroud
• Cooling fan

Electric Motor Repair Modification

Coupling solutions to match a variety of applications

Electric Motor Repair Modification

Large scale motor integration

Motor Engineering - Build to Your Specifications

• Dual shafts
• Special voltage & frequency support
• Special flange & foot designs
• High temperature operation, Auxiliary Cooling (Air, Liquid based using water or oil)

Electric Motor Repair Special Custom Flange

Rotating assembly design, machining & balancing

Motor Accessory Support & Engineering

• Pump adapters & Flange adapter engineering
• Motor Control Gear Design & Construction
VFD Drive and Soft Starter Panels, Circuit Protection, Monitoring, Automated Controls, PLCs etc.
• Coupling, Belt Drive and Gear drive solutions
• Pump & Machine Bed Chassis Design & Construction
• Export Crating & Special Shipping services

Electric Motor Repair Belt Drive

Synchronous belt coupled machine transmission

Electric Motor Repair Soft Starter Panel

Soft starter, VFD & motor control panel design & construction

Readibly available project engineers

Readily available project engineers for even the most basic projects

Export crating and logistic services

Export crating and logistic services