Electric Motors Technical FAQ

Electric Motors Technical FAQ

How do I find out the pole count of a motor?

Answer: Pole count can be found using the following equation: P = (HZ *2) / (RPM/60)

Example: 60Hz, 1200 RPM motor: 60hz*2 / (1200rpm/60) = 120 / 20 = 6 Pole motor

When a motor says it spins C.C.W (Counter Clockwise) or C.W. (Clockwise), what end of the motor should you look at to determine your direction?

Answer: Unfortunately, there is not an industry standard that states that the direction of a motor is always in reference to one specific viewing angle. Many times different brands or even product lines from the same brand will have different reference points.

To find out your rotation specification, pull up the motor's connection diagram. It will typically list something along the lines of "Rotation from Drive end" (Looking at Shaft Side) or "Rotation from Opposite-Drive End" (Looking at Non-Shaft Side) . Make sure to check this information when selecting a replacement motor to make sure it will spin the correct direction for your needs.