AC44 TRU-WAVE™ PC0044 - Rotary Phase Converter Converter 44kW/60HP

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Frequency (Hz)60 at 208-240 and 440/480 V, 50 at 380-415 V
Continuous CNC kW Output22.3
Continuous CNC Amp Output70 at 230 V (60 Hz)
40 at 400 V (50 Hz)
35 at 460 V (60 Hz)
Continuous Resistive kW Output33
Continuous Resistive Amp Output105 at 230 V (60 Hz)
60 at 400 V (50 Hz)
53 at 460 V (60 Hz)
Continuous Inductive kW Output29
Continuous Inductive Amp Output91 at 230 V (60 Hz)
52 at 400 V (50 Hz)
46 at 460 V (60 Hz)
Motor Load (HP) - Easy40
Motor Load (HP) - Medium30
Motor Load (HP) - Hard20
Maximum Group Load HP45
Minimum Single Phase Fuse125 at 230 V (60 Hz)
70 at 400 V (50 Hz)
70 at 460 V (60 Hz)
MOP Single Phase180 at 230 V (60 Hz)
100 at 400 V (50 Hz)
90 at 460 V (60 Hz)
Enclosure RatingNEMA 1
Voltage208-240, 380-415, 440/480
Length (in)34
Width (in)32
Height (in)43
Weight (lb)994
Shipping Weight (lb)994
Warranty10 Years
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Engineered to meet the requirements of the most demanding and sensitive of industrial three phase machines, TEMCo's TRU-WAVE™ technology is a signature feature found only on TEMCo phase converters. TEMCo's TRU-WAVE™ Phase Converter produces a three phase sinusoidal waveform, generated from a single phase source, offset at 120°. By implementing precision rotor/winding tuning along with TEMCo's Exclusive Power State Control™, TRU-WAVE™ produces a pure sinusoidal output with optimal phase balance free of harmonic distortion, and other damaging transients. TEMCo's TRU-WAVE™ - power quality built on a reputation you can trust.
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