TEMCo PV0430 - 10 Qty Pneumatic Flow Control Exhaust Silencer

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PV0430 (10 Qty PV0326)
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1/8" NPT Air Muffler Fitting Manual
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TEMCo IDPV0430 (10 Qty PV0326)
Lot Quantity10
Male NPT (in)1/8
Knob TypeHand Turn
Weight (lb)0.25
Shipping Weight (lb)0.3125
Warranty5 Years
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TEMCo's sintered brass pneumatic exhaust silencers provide you the mitigated dust and debris ingress that other exhaust mufflers provide, but also an amazing amount of control over your pneumatic system for just a few dollars.

How the knob is turned depends on the type of muffler you are looking at. By closing the valve, the amount of exhausted air being dumped out of your system can be restricted or increased. Restricting the exhaust slows down the actuation speed of your pneumatic device, which can be useful for various applications such as user safety. Opening up the valve returns the speed back to a normal rate.

We here at TEMCo pride ourselves in being able to provide quality products with added value at low prices. For just a fraction of a cost more in price than a typical exhaust muffler that you have to buy anyways, we are proud to offer our customers the ability to add features such as this to their builds whether you're a pro and use pneumatics for a living or a DIYer at homing rigging up an air-powered can crusher just for the fun of it.

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