TEMCo ST0484 - 3/4" Hydraulic Hose Spiral Wrap 10 ft Wire Protector Cover Guard Cable Organizer

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Protects against abrasion from dirt, rocks, dust, oils, sun, and solvents. -50°F to 221°F working temperature. 3625.94 PSI tensile strength modified polypropylene
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Lot Quantity1
Length (ft)10
Inside Diameter (I.D.)0.787"
Hose Outer Diameter (O.D.) Fit Range0.020" to 0.098"
MaterialModified Polypropylene
Minimum Operating Temperature55°F
Maximum Operating Temperature221°F
Tensile3625.94 PSI at room temperature
Resistant toOils, Solvents
Agency ApprovalsROHS Certification
Weight (lb)0.6
Shipping Weight (lb)0.75
Warranty1 Year
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TEMCo Industrial's hydraulic hose spiral wraps protect your hydraulic hoses from abrasion, dramatically reducing the likelihood of hose failure and extending the lifespan of your hoses. Though primarily designed for use with hydraulic hoses, our spiral wrap can be used for any application where cables, wires, and other similar lines need protection or organization. This modified polypropylene stays rigid through extreme temperatures with a rated effectiveness between -50°F and 221°F. With a robust tensile strength of 3625.94 PSI, our spiral wrap can take a serious beating through dust, dirt, oils, sun, solvents, as well as other elements and surprises your work environment might throw at your hydraulic lines. The rigid tapered design allows for strength and pliability for ease of installation and removal.

Whether you have one hydraulic hose or several you want to run through one wrap, or whatever your application, TEMCo's spiral wraps are manufactured to be as good as the expensive name brands without the expensive price tag.


  • Provides abrasion resistance to your hydraulic hoses, providing an increased lifespan for your equipment.
  • Protects against: abrasion from dirt, rocks, and dust; oils, sun, and solvents.
  • Works effectively in extreme temperatures, from as low as -50°F to as high as 221°F.
  • Use the fit range specification to see which wrap size best fits your hose.
  • 3625.94 PSI tensile strength modified polypropylene, designed to last.
  • Spiral Wrap Selection - Brief Guide

    If you're a pro and you already know how to pick out spiral wrap, specifications for the hose I.D. are provided in the specifications block.

    If you're not, or you're just unsure which size is right for your hose, here's a quick guide. The first thing you want to do is figure out the outer diameter, or O.D., of your hose. As the name implies, this is the diamater of a cross section of your hose if it were measured from the outer wall to its opposite outer wall. If you know the hose O.D. or the hose has it written on it, great, you're almost done. All you have to do now is see where that measurement fits in our "Hose Outer Diameter (O.D.) Fit Range" specification. If your O.D. falls within that range, you found the spiral wrap right for you and you're ready for your purchase. Add the item to you're cart and you're ready to go.

    TEMCo Spiral Wrap

    What won't be useful to you is the hose inner diameter, or I.D., sometimes referred to as a dash number. The I.D. of the hose is the diamater of the inner wall, and the dash number is the I.D. of the hose represented as the number of 1/16 inches (for tubes, the dash number is actually the O.D. of the tube). For example, a -3 dash number hose means the hose has an I.D. of 3/16", and -4 means the hose has an I.D. of 4/16", which means it's a 1/4". Since different brands and makers will have varying differences in hose wall thickness, the I.D. of your hose will not reliably tell you the O.D. of your hose.

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