TEMCo TH0316 - 5"" Eye Swivel Snap Shackle 316 Stainless Steel for Sailboat Spinnaker Halyard 10PCS

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TH0316 (10x TH0293)
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Min BL (Pounds-force lbf): 3664.39
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Lot Quantity10
Bail TypeEye Swivel
Shackle Length5"
MaterialAISI 316 Stainless Steel
Minimum Breaking Load / Working Load Limit (Pounds-force lbf)3664.39
Weight (lb)7.5
Warranty1 Year
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TEMCo's snap shackles are made with strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel capable of withstanding thousands of pounds of force. These snap shackles come with two different designs and three different sizes. For when the application does not require the snap shackle to be frequently removed, the eye swivel snap shackle is your shackle of choice. If the shackle does require frequent removal while maintaining a secure connection, our jaw snap shackles are perfect for the job.

Our snap shackles are available in three different lengths: 2-3/4"", 3-1/2"", and 5"". Though each one is made from 316 stainless steel, the bigger the shackle, the more force it is capable of handling. Our 5"" snap shackles have a minimum breaking load, or working load limit, of 16.3KN, which is equivalent to 3664 lbf (pound-force).

The greatest benefit of a snap shackle is the ability to release the bail under hundreds or even thousands of pounds of load. A swift pull of the pin releases bail, which is ideal for use on spinnaker halyards, or other applications when a quick and easy release is required. To ensure the pin is not accidentally pulled, we recommend wrapping the pin down with your favorite rigging tape.

Because these snap shackles are designed to be quickly and easily opened, if you are using these shackles for anything other than use on a halyard, we highly recommend you consider your application and decide carefully whether these shackles meet those application's safety requirements.


  • Swivel bail allows for connection with dynamically moving parts, like spinnaker halyards.
  • Eye bail for when a line does not require frequent removal of the shackle.
  • Quick release pin allows the snap bail to be released, even under tension.
  • Depending on shackle length, the maximum working load limit ranges between 6.4 and 16.3 kilonewtons. Safe working load depends on application, and even orientation of the shackle under load.
  • Made out of premium 316 stainless steel to drastically reduce wear and corrosion.

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