WEG CFW100040SAPLZ VFD C10011 - 120 VAC - 1 Phase Input 230V 3 Phase 4 Amp 1 HP Output

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TEMCo IDC10011
Manufacturer Part NumberCFW100040SAPLZ
Input Voltage120 VAC - Single Phase
Input Voltage120
Horsepower (CT)1
Amps (CT - Single Phase Input)4
Output PhaseThree
Output Voltage230
Output Voltage240
Enclosure RatingIP20
Programmable Digital Inputs4
Programmable Analog Inputs1
Programmable Relay Outputs1
Agency ApprovalsCE Marked
Length (in)4.4
Width (in)4.6
Height (in)6.4
Weight (lb)3
Shipping Weight (lb)4
Warranty18 Months
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The WEG Digital CFW10 VFD Series is a very small, easily mounted package, simplified keypad and bright LED readout, complete diagnostics and fully programmable I/O. The CFW10 controls three phase AC motors with a single phase AC input. Single phase 120 VAC input voltage will produce three phase 230V to drive motors up to 1 HP and single phase 230 VAC will produce three phase 230V to drive motors up to 3 HP. Increased flexibility and decreased costs are achieved by eliminating the need for a step-up transformer to operate three phase 230 VAC motors when only single phase 115V is available. The CFW10 is an economical solution to many industrial and commercial applications.

Standard Features

  • Same programming as other WEG VFDs
  • V/Hz control
  • IP20 finger safe enclosure
  • Single Phase 110-120 VAC input voltage up to 1 HP
  • Single Phase 200-240 VAC input voltage up to 3 HP
  • 150% current overload capacity
  • 2.5-15 kHz adjustable switching frequency
  • Four isolated programmable digital inputs (12 VDC)
  • Programmable relay output (250 VAC 0.5A/125 VAC 1.0A or 30 VDC 2.0A)
  • One isolated programmable analog input (0-10V 0/4-20mA)
  • Diagnostic features: Over current, motor overload, drive over temperature, output short circuit, DC bus over and under voltage and external fault
  • Control features: Linear and S-Ramp acceleration and deceleration, local / remote control, DC braking, torque boost, motor slip compensation, electronic pot, preset speeds, minimum and maximum adjustable frequency limits, adjustable output current limit, JOG, PID Controller
  • Display readings: Motor speed, frequency, voltage, current, last fault, heatsink temperature and drive status
  • Ambient: 122°F (50°C), 3300 ft (1000 m) altitude, 90% humidity, non-condensing
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