WEG CFW100100SDZ VFD C10008 - 230 VAC - 1 Phase Input 230V 3 Phase 10 Amp 3 HP Output

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TEMCo ID C10008
Manufacturer Part Number CFW100100SDZ
Input Voltage 230 VAC - Single Phase
Input Voltage 240
Horsepower (CT) 3
Amps (CT - Single Phase Input) 10
Output Phase Three
Output Voltage 230
Output Voltage 240
Enclosure Rating IP20
Programmable Digital Inputs 4
Programmable Analog Inputs 1
Programmable Relay Outputs 1
Agency Approvals CE Marked
Length (in) 4.8
Width (in) 4.6
Height (in) 7.6
Weight (lb) 4
Shipping Weight (lb) 5
Warranty 18 Months
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The WEG Digital CFW10 VFD Series is a very small, easily mounted package, simplified keypad and bright LED readout, complete diagnostics and fully programmable I/O. The CFW10 controls three phase AC motors with a single phase AC input. Single phase 120 VAC input voltage will produce three phase 230V to drive motors up to 1 HP and single phase 230 VAC will produce three phase 230V to drive motors up to 3 HP. Increased flexibility and decreased costs are achieved by eliminating the need for a step-up transformer to operate three phase 230 VAC motors when only single phase 115V is available. The CFW10 is an economical solution to many industrial and commercial applications.

Standard Features

  • Same programming as other WEG VFDs
  • V/Hz control
  • IP20 finger safe enclosure
  • Single Phase 110-120 VAC input voltage up to 1 HP
  • Single Phase 200-240 VAC input voltage up to 3 HP
  • 150% current overload capacity
  • 2.5-15 kHz adjustable switching frequency
  • Four isolated programmable digital inputs (12 VDC)
  • Programmable relay output (250 VAC 0.5A/125 VAC 1.0A or 30 VDC 2.0A)
  • One isolated programmable analog input (0-10V 0/4-20mA)
  • Diagnostic features: Over current, motor overload, drive over temperature, output short circuit, DC bus over and under voltage and external fault
  • Control features: Linear and S-Ramp acceleration and deceleration, local / remote control, DC braking, torque boost, motor slip compensation, electronic pot, preset speeds, minimum and maximum adjustable frequency limits, adjustable output current limit, JOG, PID Controller
  • Display readings: Motor speed, frequency, voltage, current, last fault, heatsink temperature and drive status
  • Ambient: 122°F (50°C), 3300 ft (1000 m) altitude, 90% humidity, non-condensing
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