WEG PESWS-40V18EX-RM35 Motor Starter MS0014 - 1 Phase, Reset Only, 25-40 Amp Overload

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120 V Coil. PESW Series, NEMA 4X Starter.
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Manufacturer Part Number PESWS-40V18EX-RM35
Phase Single
Coil Voltage 120
Min Overload Range (Amps) 25
Max Overload Range (Amps) 40
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
HP at 115V 3
Push Button Reset
Enclosure Rating NEMA 4X
Enclosure Material Plastic
Agency Approvals IEC
Length (in) 5
Width (in) 4.7
Height (in) 8.3
Weight (lb) 4.4
Warranty 18 Months
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The PESW magnetic starters are ideal to protect motors and ensure reliable operation year after year. Assembled together in a NEMA 4x enclosure with two options off the shelf: Start/Stop pushbutton and RESET or just the RESET button on the cover for quick and easy operation. PESW starters are recommended for all single and three phase applications where across-the-line starters can be applied.


  • Bimetallic overload relays - class 10
  • Fast acceleration and high initial torque
  • High horsepower ratings in four compact sizes
  • NEMA 4x enclosure
  • Adjustable trip current
  • Ambient temperature compensated for -4°F to +140°F, eliminating the need for heaters
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Electrically isolated NO-NC auxiliary contacts
  • Selectable manual or automatic RESET
  • Phase-loss sensitivity protection
  • UL, IEC, and CE certified
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What is a Motor Starter & Electric Motor protection - WEG PESW Overview by TEMCo

What is a Motor Starter & Electric Motor Protection

In this video, we showcase the WEG PESW Series of Motor Starters. Learn about the applications of motor starters and the differences between the Start/Stop + Reset Button units versus the Reset Button only models.

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