About TEMCo


Founded in 1968, TEMCo first made its mark by providing rugged, American made phase conversion systems. Businesses that have only single phase power, but require three phase power for industrial machinery, found reliable and effective solutions from the phase converters TEMCo manufactures. TEMCo has become known for providing the widest standard offering of single to three phase conversion systems currently available. Standard systems range from 2 kW and extend up to 1 megawatt with the TITAN TXR1000 phase conversion system.

In 1999, TEMCo entered the frequency conversion business offering motor generator sets, which later, additionally converted voltage and phase. Current MG set product offerings include standard capacities exceeding 20 MW with a broad host of different frequency and voltage options.

TEMCo has supplied customized MG sets for a wide range of applications including units used in laboratory testing of generator synchronizing gear to power distribution installations such as the 4.5 MW system provided to Qatar Petroleum's Nakilat ship repair yard in Qatar.

We take great pride in supporting the customers who choose us for their power equipment needs. We are always happy to answer all questions concerning your project and support you as much as possible, even for units which have long been discontinued.