Resistance and Non-Resistance Wire Guide

Wire Types

Kanthal Wire
Flat Ribbon Kanthal
Nichrome Wire

General Information

Resistance Wire Overview
Overview of specifications: temperature rating, expansion, soldering, common terminology.

Solid vs. Stranded Resistive Wire
Manufacturing basics of resistance wire and comparison between solid and stranded wire.

KANTHAL™ Trademark & Patent Enforcement
Thousands of legal notices have been issued by SANDVIK™ in 2016, demanding the termination of counterfeit material sales offerings.


Resistor Wire
Need to size wire for resistors? See common calculations and considerations.

Heating Wire
Use of resistance in heating elements.

Cutting Styrofoam
How to size resistance wire for cutting styrofoam and safety considerations.

Bag Sealers
How replace wire for bag sealers.

DIY Tutorials

Acrylic Bending Table
Make an acrylic bending table using Kanthal wire.

Hand-held Hot Foam Cutter
Learn to make a hand-held foam cutter.

Table Styrofoam Cutter
Learn to make a table-style foam cutter.

Electric Heater Wire Furnace
Use fire brick, Nichrome wire, and a few other tools to make an electric aluminum melting furnace.

Model Rocket Igniter
Make an igniter for your model rocket using resistance wire.