Product Guides


How-to guides, selection guides, and more.

Capacitor Guides


Run capacitors, dual run capacitors, start capacitors, and bleed down resistors.

Contactors & Overloads Guides

Contactors & Overloads

Selection help and FAQs for contactors, overloads, and accessories.

Electrical Enclosure Guide

Electrical Enclosures

Info on sizing, enclosure ratings, finish & coating, and mounting considerations.

Electric Motor Guides

Electric Motors

NEMA frame size reference charts, compressor conversion guides, and more.

PESW Motor Starter Guide

Motor Starters

Sizing guide for PESW series motor starters.

Phase Converter Guides

Phase Converters

Rotary and static phase converters.

Pneumatics Guides


Guides on pneumatic valves, fittings and more.

Soft Starter Guide

Rigging & Lifting Accessories

Information on hooks, shackles, and turnbuckles.

Soft Starter Guide

Soft Starters

Soft starter sizing guide.

Solar hardware and Tools Guides

Solar Hardware & Tools

Solar wire, connectors, extensions, and tools.

Switches and relays Guides

Switches & Relays

Switches and relays.

Tools Guides


Wire and cable cutters, crimpers, and knockout punches.

Transformer Guides


Sizing help, general info, and product selection of TEMCo transformers.

Variable Frequency Drives

Variable Frequency Drives

VFD selection guides.

Wire, Cable and Accessories Guides

Wire, Cable & Accessories

Welding cable, magnet wire, resistance wire, shrink tubing, and more.