25 LOT Start Capacitor RESISTOR for 110v 125v 220v 250v 330v Capacitors

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SCR004 (25x SCR001)
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Most replacement start capacitors will not include a resistor. You can check the condition of the old one by checking the resistance value, or just replace it with a new one. This should read somewhere around 10-20k Ohms and around 0.5 watts. The resistors are usually either soldered or crimped to the terminals. The purpose of the resistor is to bleed off residual voltage in the capacitor after it has been disconnected from the circuit after motor start up. Not all start capacitors will use one, as there are other ways to accomplish this. The important part is if your original capacitor had one, you'll need to replace it on the new capacitor.

To install, simply bend leads to match the width of the start capacitors connection terminals, insert leads, solder and trim. See photos for typical installation. An alternate method is to use crimp on push on connectors. Both methods are common and work well.

Use for Start Capacitors:
Voltage up to 330 VAC, Capacitance p to 1200 uf
Mounting type:
Resistor Body Diameter:
0.1255 in.
Resistor Body Length:
0.363 in
Overall Length (including leads):
2.363 in.
Lead Length:
1 in. per side
Lead Diameter:
0.019 in.
Start capacitor NOT included.