Heavy Duty 20A 125V ON-OFF-(ON) SPDT 3 Terminal Momentary 1 SIDE Toggle Switch

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TEMCo's heavy duty toggle switches are rated at 20 amps at 125 volts (AC) and 15 amps at 250 volts (AC). The clearly marked aluminum nameplate allows you to easily determine whether you are toggled on or off. The nameplate can be removed or secured with the included nut, ensuring a snug fit to your surface.

Our toggle switches also have various terminals for your wiring, so be sure you've either sketched your circuit diagram or received some consultation on which toggle switch is right for your application.

Some of our switches feature a momentary switch, meaning the toggle will switch on then spring back to the off position. We've noted the momentary (ON) position in parentheses to indicate it is a momentary position. For example, an ON-OFF-(ON) switch has a latching ON position and also a momentary (ON) position, and an (ON)-OFF-(ON) switch has two momentary (ON) positions.

Also, TEMCo's toggle switches also come with an optional removable silicone cap. This waterproof boot keeps moisture out with a copper thread and Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (Buna-N) o-ring. Check out the "Related Products" section below for the listing that includes the waterproof cap.

Exploded View

Toggle Switch Exploded View
Maximum Operating Temperature:
185 Degrees F
Insulation Resistance:
500 VDC 1000 megohms minimum
Dielectric Strength:
1500 VAC, 1 minute
Electrical Cycle Life:
10,000 Cycles
Contact Resistance:
50 milliohms maximum
Minimum Operating Temperature:
-77 Degrees F
Amp Rating:
20A at 125VAC, 15A at 250VAC(30A at 12 VDC, 20A at 24 VDC)
Name Plate Marking:
ON - OFF - (ON)
Poles and Throws:
SPDT - Single Pole, Double Throw
Number of Terminals:

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