Start Capacitor Bleed Down Resistors

Start Capacitor Bleed Down Resistors

A start capacitor resistor (also called a "bleed down resistor") is used to bleed off residual voltage in a start capacitor after it has removed from a motor circuit after start up. Not all start caps use resistors, as there are other ways to accomplish the task of reducing residual voltage in a capacitor.

What is important to note is that if the capacitor you are replacing had a bleed down resistor, then you will need to replace the resistor in your new start capacitor. You can either check to see if the old resistor is still good, or you can replace it with a new one. The resistance value should read somewhere between 10 to 20k Ohms and around 2 watts. Resistors are usually crimped or soldered to the start capacitor's terminals.

TEMCo Start capacitor resistor

Specifications & Product Selection

Use for start capacitors:
Voltage: up to 330V
Capacitance: up to 1200 uf
Mounting type: Solder
Resistor body diameter: 0.1255 in.
Resistor body length: 0.363 in.
Overall length (including leads): 2.363 in.
Lead length: 1 in. per side
Lead diameter: 0.19 in.

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1 SCR001 $3.95
5 SCR002 $4.95
10 SCR003 $6
25 SCR004 $9
50 SCR005 $15
100 SCR006 $25

Replacing a Resistor

Most start capacitors do not have a resistor. But if you need to replace a start capacitor that does have one, you'll need to use a resistor on the new capacitor as well. You can either see if the old resistor is still good, or just use a new one.

View our video tutorial on how to install a start capacitor bleed down resistor.