Rotary Phase Converter Guide

Rotary Phase Converter Guide

Run 3 phase equipment on single phase power with TEMCo Rotary Phase Converters. Our heavy duty and high quality units ship complete from our manufacturing facility. Get clean, reliable, and balanced 3 phase power for your application. Proudly made in the USA and a 10 year warranty included with every new phase converter.

Sizing - How to Select a Phase Converter

You can always use a TEMCo Rotary Phase Converter that supplies more power than you need, but one that doesn't supply enough KW power output will not work.

TEMCo Rotary Phase Converter

Motor Loads

1) What is the HP of the largest 3-phase motor you will need to start?
2) Is it Easy, Medium or Hard to start? Click here to determine start load.
3) Find the appropriate column and motor HP. (Easy, Medium or Hard)
4) Consider your Total Motor Group Load. (Total HP of motors that will be run, but not started at the same time.)
5) Choose the TEMCo Rotary Phase Converter size that accommodates the power you will need by following the horizontal line to the right.
6) Be sure you have a large enough single phase supply breaker. The single phase breaker should be two times the amps of your 3-phase motor/load up to the maximum recommended breaker size.

Resistive/Inductive Loads

Some examples of common resistive loads are heaters, EDM machines, kilns, and ovens. Examples of inductive type loads are power supplies, welders, and battery chargers.

To size a converter for your resistive/inductive equipment, add your total load amps, and use the Converter Maximum Output Amps column to select the appropriate model.

The XR Series is for use with CNC loads, motor loads, or inductive/resistive loads. It comes only in a NEMA 1 enclosure. Voltage rating is 230v +/-10%.

Can I run a Rotary Phase Converter off a Generator?

Answer: Technically, yes. However, TEMCo typically does not advise this as you need to oversize the generator drastically to handle to handle the load of the converter which is over sized to the load. More often than not, you are better off either converting the machine to single phase, or getting the correct 3 phase Generator.

Product Selection

TEMCo POWER-WAVE™ Rotary Phase Converters

Through many hundreds of hours of research and design optimization, we're proud to offer POWER Wave XR™; a new breed of phase conversion technology. Based on many years of experience in the industrial power conversion industry, we've melded all of the best of each of the available tools in our technological arsenal to provide a new and unique approach to this fundamental need.

Part Number Largest HP Motor Load Max Total Motor Group HP Load Max CNC Load Max Resistive Load (A) Max 1 Phase Supply Breaker
Easy Medium Hard Amps kW Amps kW
XR2 2.0 1.5 1 2.3 4 1.3 6 2.4 15
XR3 3.3 2.5 1.7 3.8 7 2.1 10 4 20
XR5 5 3.8 2.5 5.6 10 3 14 5.7 30
XR7 6.7 5 3.3 7.5 13 4 19 7.5 35
XR11 10 7.5 5 11.3 19 6.1 29 11.4 60
XR15 13.3 10 6.7 15 25 8 38 14.9 75
XR21 20 15 10 22.5 37 11.6 55 21.8 100

TEMCo TRU-WAVE™ Rotary Phase Converters

Engineered to meet the requirements of the most demanding and sensitive of industrial three phase machines, TEMCo's TRU-WAVE™ technology is a signature feature found only on our phase converters.

TEMCo's TRU-WAVE™ Phase Converter produces a three phase sinusoidal waveform, generated from a single phase source, offset at 120°.

By implementing precision rotor/winding tuning along with TEMCo's Exclusive Power State Control™, TRU-WAVE™ produces a pure sinusoidal output with optimal phase balance free of harmonic distortion, and other damaging transients.

TEMCo's TRU-WAVE™ - Power quality built on a reputation you can trust.

Part Number Largest HP Motor Load Max Total Motor Group HP Load Max CNC Load Max Resistive Load (A) Max 1 Phase Supply Breaker
Easy Medium Hard Amps kW Amps
AC21 20 15 10 22.5 36 11.3 53 90
AC29 27 20 13.3 30 48 15.3 72 125
AC36 33.3 25 17 37.5 62 19.6 92 150
AC44 40 30 20 45 70 22.3 105 180
AC55 50 37.5 25 56.3 86 27.2 128 225