Step Down Draw Stud 3/4"-16 x 10mm Nut Included

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This draw stud is used for our TH0004 and TH0037 hydraulic knock out punches, but can also be used for any other knockout punch set you might be using. Just make sure the thread sizes, length, and any other critical specifications are the ones you'll need.

We've seen our fair share of bent draw studs, especially when customers are rushing through hundreds of conduit holes, nibble a bit off center and bam, bent draw stud. It happens, and our warranty covers that. While you're waiting for a replacement, having one or two of these as back ups ensures you don't miss a minute of your tight deadline to get those enclosures out, finishing that Christmas gift, or whatever awesome and cool projects our talented customers are working on.

Draw Stud Material:
Hardened Tool Steel
5 inches
For use with:
TH0004, TH0037 Bought before January 2017
Thread Type:
Draw Stud Thread Size:
3/4 inch -16
Internal Thread:
3/8 inch -23
5 Years