Step Drill Bit TH0356 - M35 Cobalt 3/16" - 15/16" for use with Electricians Conduit Knockout with Titanium Nitride Coating

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Designed Specifically for Electricians. Our long 3/16" steps properly drill holes sized for common draw studs on your conduit knock out punch set. No more going in through the other side or oversizing your hole just to get the draw stud in.

Cuts Fast! Impact Driver Ready. Never used an impact driver on a step drill bit before? You're missing out! It's a huge timer saver if you need to punch out lots of conduits. Just using a regular drill? That's ok - the hex shape ensures the bit doesn't slip on the chuck.

Not all "cobalt" high speed steel (HSS) step drill bits are made the same. The business end of ours are made from high quality M35 Cobalt HSS. Other high speed steels that don't have cobalt, like M2 HSS, have much lower rated "red hardness", meaning more wear at higher temperatures. M35 HSS is also rated to be tougher than M42 HSS, which also contains cobalt. That means our steel properties are balanced to keep a sharp edge, even when it's heating up, so it can keep up with your hard work. We've also added a 2nd flute, which means 2x the cutting edges and half the drilling time. A 2nd flute also evenly distributes the wear across 2 flutes instead of 1, increasing the lifespan of the bit.

Uncoated or Titanium Nitride? Our step drill bits currently come uncoated (Part# TH0356) or coated with Titanium Nitride (Part# TH0357). The added layer of Ti-Ni is primarily to increase its abrasion resistance, adding the ultimate layer of protection to an already robust step drill bit and increases the wear life.

Cheap drill bits are frustrating to use, easily wear out, and produce poor quality work that reflects on your craftsmanship. Get the job done right and make sure you have a TEMCo drill bit to accompany your knockout punch set.

M35 Cobalt High Speed Steel Titanium Nitride (Ti-Ni) Coating
3/16" - 15/16"
1/4" x 1" Hex Shank
1 Year Warranty