Pure Nickel Wire 30 AWG RW0209 - 50 Ft 0.24112 oz Nickel 200 Ni200 Non-Resistance

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Nickel 200 is a ferromagnetic, commercially pure (99.6%) wrought Nickel with good mechanical properties over a wide range of temperatures, high ductility, and excellent resistance to many corrosives (in particular hydroxides). Ni 200 is used for a variety of processing equipment, particularly to maintain product purity in handling foods, synthetic fibers and alkalies.


  • Curie temperature: 360°C (680°F)
  • Excellent corrosion resistance (especially against hydroxides)
  • High ductility
  • Ideal for use in sonic devices such as sonar or for control in ultrasonic welding

Nickel 200 has roughly the strength of mild steel when annealed. Its low annealed hardness and very low work-hardening rate makes it desirable for cold forming operations such as deep drawing, spinning, coining, etc. Used in corrosion-resistant equipment such as caustic evaporators, spun anodes, combustion boats and laboratory crucibles, and electronic components where its excellent fabricating characteristics provide an advantage.

Nickel 200 exhibits good thermal and electrical properties. Its magnetostrictive properties (specifically significant length change when magnetized) make it ideal for use in sonic devices such as sonar or for control in ultrasonic welding.

Corrosion Resistance

Outstanding Good Not Suitable For
Caustic alkalis up to and including the molten state. Acid, alkaline, and neutral salt solutions. Most useful under reducing conditions. Oxidizing salt solutions.


  • Automotive screen and heating elements, lighting and lead wire
  • Food processing
  • Synthetic fiber processing (such as production of viscose rayon)
  • Heat exchangers
  • Chemical industries
  • Electrical industries
  • Manufacturing and handling of sodium hydroxide, particularly at temperatures above 300°C.
  • Manufacturing of soap.
  • Manufacturing of vinyl chloride monomer.
  • Reactors and vessels in which fluorine is generated and reacted with hydrocarbons.
  • Analine hydrochloride production and in the chlorination of aliphatic hydrocarbons such as benzene, methane and ethane.
  • Electrical and electronic parts
  • Aerospace and missile components.

Resistance Values

Gauge (AWG) Wire Diameter Resistance (Ohms / ft at 68°F) Feet Per Lb.
Inch mm
26 0.0159 0.40386 0.2373 1313
28 0.0126 0.32004 0.3778 2090
30 0.01 0.254 0.6 3318
32 0.008 0.2032 0.9375 5185
34 0.0063 0.16002 1.511 8364
Country of Manufacture:
United States
Average Wire Diameter in.:
Average wire diameter mm:
Feet per Pound:
Heat Treatment:
Annealed (soft)
Nickel 200
Wire Gauge Awg:
Amount of Wire:
50 ft
Wire Shape:
Melting Temperature:
1446°C (2635°F)
0.321 lbs./cubic in
Specific Gravity:
Specific Heat Capacity:
0.109 Btu/lb °F
Thermal Expansion:
13.3 μm/m °C (20-100°C)