TEMCo TH0004 - 2" Hydraulic Knockout Punch - Electrical Conduit Hole Cutter Tool Set

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Punches up to 2".
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Punch Type Hydraulic
Punching Dies Included (Conduit Fitting Size) ½", ¾", 1", 1 ¼", 1 ½", 2"
Conduit Size vs Measured Hole Sizes 9 US Tons
Punching Thickness Capacity 1 ½"
Punches Materials 1"
Construction Material 1 ¼"
Weight (lb) 23
Shipping Weight (lb) 23
Warranty 5 Years
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The TEMCo TH0004 Hydraulic Knockout Punch has a powerful 9 US TRUE TON punching capacity and produces perfect, uniform holes every time. Its compact design is especially designed for field use on construction sites and maintenance jobs. Quick, effortless and simple to operate. Punches more than 10 times faster than wrench types. Includes Un-Breakable Polymer Tough Case to carry complete set. Also punches Aluminum (soft alloys only, not for use with 7075 or other super alloys), Fiberglass, Plastic, and more. 1/8 inch (11 ga) Steel Punching Capacity, 1/16 inch Stainless Steel. Punches are in metric sizes.

On Punching Aluminum: Soft alloys only, not for use with 7075 or other super alloys.


  • Compatible with GREENLEE and other domestic punch tooling - 3/4-16 & 3/8-23
  • Hardened Tool Steel Punch Dies are guaranteed to outlast generic models.
  • 5 Year Warranty from a well-known American name. NON-GENERIC
  • In-stock, ready to ship.
  • Can be used with non-round punches (adapter may be required)
  • Perfect for electricians who get it done or the casual DIYer.
  • Produces Perfect, Uniform Holes every time.
  • 6 Die Sets for conduit fitting sizes: ½", ¾", 1", 1 ¼", 1 ½", 2"

Conduit Size vs Measured Hole Sizes

Punch Die Size Measured Hole Size
½" 0.86"
¾" 1.05"
1" 1.33"
1 ¼" 1.69"
1 ½" 1.93"
2" 2.36"

How to Use

TEMCo TH0004 Knockout Punch Step 1
TEMCo TH0004 Knockout Punch Step 2
TEMCo TH0004 Knockout Punch Step 3
TEMCo TH0004 Knockout Punch Step 4

STEP 1 Install the correct punch mandrel on the hydraulic cylinder along with the female portion of the punch die.

STEP 2 Drill a pilot hole large enough to clear your selected punch mandrel.

STEP 3 Insert the punch mandrel through your drilled hole in the panel. Install the male portion of the punch die by threading it down to the point where it is snug against the metal to be punched.

STEP 4 Close pump valve and pump the handle until the punch is drawn through the metal. Release the pump valve and remove the punch dies.

Selecting a Back-up or Replacement Draw Stud

We're constantly improving our products, and our hydraulic knockout punches have gone through a few iterations over the years. As such, if you purchased a hydraulic knockout punch set from us a before a certain time, you're going to need a specific draw stud. Here's a quick guide to help.

TH0004 Draw Stud Selection Flow Chart
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