TEMCo TH0417 7-Pair Die Set for the TH0400 Stainless steel Cable Crimper (Work with TH0005 Crimper)

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TH0400 Step 1 TH0400 Step 2 TH0400 Step 3 TH0400 Step 4

Step 1

Install the die set that matches your terminal size.

Step 2

Close the release valve by rotating to the right (clockwise).

Step 3

Pump the handle until the resistance felt becomes significant or the dies bottom out.

Step 4

Open the release valve by rotating to the left (counter-clockwise). Your termination is now complete.

CR40 Chromoly Steel Dies   CR40 Chromoly Steel Dies    

Dies Included:
7 die sizes from 1/16” to 1/4”
Black Oxide
5 Year Warranty, 1 Year Free Returns